Newsletter Vol 30

Hi Folks

30 Newsletters and we’re still going! Club members have been busy recently, with lots of climbing going on both inside and outdoors. It’s been a while so there’s a lot to catch up on. Read on for updates and upcoming events.

Donegal IMC Trip

Earlier this month BCC members met up with the IMC for their trip to Donegal in Kilgar. Much climbing and swimming was had and the full report is on the website (see below link). If you haven’t been to sail rock then it is highly recommended!


We’re planning on having our AGM on Thursday the 26th Sept at the Ozone. If you’re interested in helping out with any of the club admin, fancy running for a position or would like to vote then come along.

There is nominations/proposals sheet for the AGM – here. Any member can propose/second anyone for a position or any other motion by emailing the club up to 7 days before AGM. The current constitution is here, section 7/8 are the relevant bits.

Apart from voting there is also a planned update to our constitution. For more detail see below from Rónán.

“As you have probably heard, the club has been given stewardship of a cottage in the Mournes by Dr Henry McKee. As part of the arrangement with Henry, he will maintain ownership of the cottage but will give us essentially full control. He has invested quite a lot of money to bring it up to a good standard to hand it over to us and we’ve been working hard too, helping with painting etc.

As part of the legal arrangements with Henry, the club will take responsibility for rates on the cottage. This could be quite expensive, but we have the option of constituting the club as a charity dedicated to furthering amateur sport. This would allow us to claim exemption from rates on the cottage, and help enshrine a good ethos in the club.

In order to do this, we need to make some amendments to the constitution, the gist of which is nominating trustees who have ultimate responsibility for the operation of the club, and spelling out the aims and purposes of the club as a charity. In practical terms, very little would change as the club already fulfils essentially all of the requirements of a charity. We would have to register with the NI Charity Commission but this is unlikely to be necessary straight away as they have a long backlog – but in the meantime we can still claim rates exemption etc.

The proposed constitution is here, with all changes highlighted.  I’m (Rónán) happy to discuss this with anyone who has questions before/at the AGM.”

Agenda for AGM

·         Welcome

·         President’s report

·         Treasurer’s report

·         MI fees increase

·         Trips

·         Cottage

·         Proposed changes to constitution/charity status

·         Elections

·         AOB

Let us know in advance if you’re coming just so we can have an idea of numbers (otherwise there might not make enough biscuits).

Henry’s Cottage (Mournes)

As Ronan said much has happened to the cottage recently but there is still more to do. A lot of paint has been added recently (to both inside and out). We will be organising another session down there on Sunday 8th Sept so if you’re interested in coming down to help and to see the place let us know.

Whatsapp group and impromptu trips

The Whatsapp group for organising impromptu trips has now been set up. This is for organising going climbing/club events. Be aware that responses to posts may vary between a flood of answers or nothing at all but don’t be shy if you’re looking partners. It will be open to all club members – if you want to be included please email the club with your phone number and the title “Whatsapp group”, or contact Rónán on facebook.

Feel free to keep posting up on the facebook group about short notice trips outside to Mournes and Fair Head. One of the best uses of this club is to help get people partners and get out climbing. This can be tricky as it can be a matter of chance if people are free or not but don’t be shy if you’re heading out.

Upcoming Events

11th to13th Oct Wicklow Trip

The club will be returning to Wicklow and the IMC hut in October. This is a great spot perfectly positioned within walking distance of Glendalough. Please give us a heads up if you’re planning on coming to allow for coordinating car sharing.

Sport Climbing Trip

There are moves afoot to organise a sport climbing trip to the Costa Blanca in late November. This is still a work in progress but if you’re interested, talk to Vicky if you see her at the wall.


We’ve updated our membership form on the website recently. Here is the link to sign up if you haven’t already.

The link is also in our 'Climb' or our 'Contact us' page on the website.


Club times

Are unchanged and as follows (see you then)

Boulder World Tuesday 7pm - 10pm

Ozone Thursday 7pm - 10pm.



BCC Club Secretary