No Ozone this week and update on Moorhill Quarry

Club times

This is a quiet time of year for indoor climbing but club times will go ahead as normal over the next few weeks, except for this Thursday (11 July) when the Ozone will be closed.

The weather is reasonably good, so keep an eye on the club facebook page to see who’s heading out.

Moorhill Quarry

Moorhill Quarry in Newry (UKC page here) is a recently developed roadside trad climbing venue. There have been rumblings of access issues but these appear to be resolved.

From Michéal Murphy:

Peter, the owner of the gun and airsoft club, has placed a pad lock on the upper gate and asked that the code be shared with other climbers so that we can use it as a car park.

The code is 3544..

He will have someone spray the weeds to make the parking area larger and to combat the giant hog weed. He is also happy if we use their shed at the top.

He stated that he was more than happy to share the area with climbers and is grand for climbing to take place while they are airsofting...

On the issue of health and safety he said they are using low pressure guns that are out of range of the rock faces and have consciously erected their shooting area away from the rock. There may be 5-6 routes on the far side of the quarry you may wish to be careful of if they are airsofting but the other ~45 should be ok.