Club Cottage in the Mournes!

Some exciting news - the club has been offered stewardship of a cottage in the Mournes, just outside Attical.

This house belongs to local climber and all round nice guy Henry McKee, who built it (literally) in the 90s but hasn’t got much use out of it recently. Henry’s only request is that we look after it and ‘don’t burn it down’.

The cottage is pretty big, with sleeping space for about 15 people, as well as space outside to camp. It has electricity and water, and a couple of fireplaces. It needs a bit of work, a lot of which Henry is doing already - but if anyone is willing to offer their time with painting (or any other relevant expertise!) or has any old furniture/crockery/cutlery etc that they don’t need any more then please let us know either by email or facebook.

We’re still figuring out the logistics and legalities of taking this on but it would under no circumstances be to make money - any charges for using the cottage would only be to cover costs. Our intention would be to make it available to club members at a very low price and perhaps rent it out to other clubs. Of course, Henry gets priority!

If anyone has any thoughts - (positive or negative but please keep it constructive) please let us know. This is a big undertaking but has the potential to be a real asset for the club. We’ll have more information in the near future.

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