Andy Kirkpatrick - Phycovertical: A Higher Education

The legendary Andy Kirkpatrick graced the Belfast Climbing Club with his presence on Thursday 22nd of March 2018, the event was jointly organised with our friends over at QUB Mountaineering Club.

It was a pleasure to host Andy again, this is his third time visiting Belfast in the last few years, and as always he put on spectacular show!  We look forward to watching Pyschovertical and reading the rest of his books!


Andy is a top British mountaineer, big-wall climber, winter expedition specialist, and has soloed some of the most difficult routes in the world.  In the process of which has lead himself to become some what of an expert on climbing gear, an award-winning writer, and film-maker with an ability to captivate any audience with his unique brand of humorous and motivational story-telling, as I'm sure anyone who follows Andy's website blogs will tell you!

In this brand new show, Psychovertical: A Higher Education, which coincided with the release of the film Psychovertical by award-winning director Jen Randall, Andy Kirkpatrick looks back at forty years of climbing and adventures, from the Alps to Patagonia, Yosemite to Greenland, a story all the things that make life amazing.